Curcuminoids (especially curcumin) are the active ingredients of the dietary Indian spice turmeric and are extracted from the rhizomes of Curcuma longa, a plant in the ginger family that has been used for medicinal purposes for years, mostly in Asian countries. Curcuminoids, the major components of turmeric, are widely used as traditional medicine and as a food additive for their unique aromatic and coloring properties.

What is Curcos-Zn

Curcos-Zn is a novel complex compound is made from Curcuminoid and Zinc. Curcuminoids are a family of active compounds within turmeric. Curcuminoids are polyphenolic pigments and include curcumin, demethoxycurcumin, and bisdemethoxycurcumin. Curcumin is the primary curcuminoid in turmeric and the compound for which most studies have been done. This patent-pending formula has more powerful as it reduces issues of solubility, stability, and bioavailability. Besides all, the Novel Chelated Molecule patent-pending metallo-complex antioxidant has been designed to reduce oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is an imbalance between free radicals and antioxidants in an animal’s body. Free radicals are oxygen-containing molecules with an uneven number of electrons. The uneven number allows them to easily react with other molecules. Apart from all, curcuminoid has been designed to reduce stress, inflammation, and support the immune system. This complex can be used to empower health supplement formulations as well as medical foods and drinks.

Whereas Zinc is equally important for controlling and regulating immune system function. Zinc is not produced by the body naturally, nor it is stored in the body for long-term use, so it has to be taken regularly in the form of food or supplements. Zinc also supports the immune system, relieves oxidative stress, boosts T-cells, pneumonia, infection, supports the functioning of the thymus gland (an important immunity gland), and age-related macular degeneration. Studies suggest that the Curcuminoid Zinc Metallocomplex has significantly higher solubility, stability, and efficacy and suggest better pharmacodynamic effects in reducing oxidative stress for various ailments.

Health Benefits of Curcos-Zn

The benefits of Curcos-Zn lies in the combining benefits of Curcuminoid and Zinc, as Curcos-Zn is derived by the chelation of Zinc with Curcuminoid.

  • Manages inflammation – Having anti-inflammatory properties it helps to fight bacteria and other foreign invaders, which starts to damage healthy cells, organs, and other parts of the body.
  • Manages Lipid Profile – Regulates blood pressure, bad cholesterol, insulin resistance, menstruation, high cholesterol, hyperlipidemia, and also allowing to maintain a healthy liver.
  • Prevents Gut Problems – It helps to prevent abdominal disorders, prevents indigestion, excessive gas problem, liver injury, and heart-related diseases.
  • Maintains Joint Health – Use of curcuminoid decrease inflammation in the body, which helps to relieve the pain and stiffness, swelling in bones and joints.

Advantages of Curcos-Zn

Curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, is notoriously difficult to absorb. However, the only way your dog will benefit from eating it is to ensure that it reaches the bloodstream. A carefully formulated source will boost bioavailability by combining curcumin with other ingredients such as healthy fats.

Some of the advantages are as follows: –

  • Helps to support a normal immune response
  • Helps to reduce the effects of normal environmental stress
  • Reduces oxidative damage from free radicals
  • Supports normal healthy digestion and gut defense
  • Supports a normal inflammatory response
  • Prevents joint problems and hence supports comfortable, flexible movement
  • Support normal detoxification processes, and allows to maintain normal DNA

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