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Have you learnt about the best dog tricks from a dog tricks book or over the internet but don’t know how to make your dog learn them? Treats could be your answer. There are plenty types of treats. There are crunchy treats like biscuits, bars and cookies, there are soft treats that have a chewy texture, jerky treats that serve as a solid snack, dental sticks that improve their teeth, gums and breath, and the list goes on. Giving them to reinforce good behaviour or as a reward after training sessions or if there are some unique tricks to teach your dog, letting them know that you love them or simply to make them happy–we love giving treats to our beloved furry companions. Need a poop-free floor or helping them overcome their anxiety—treats will make it all easy. Treats come in varieties of flavors, packaging, shapes, sizes and styles and can be used to make the dogs learn new tricks, aid their digestion and to maintain their dental health. Dogs tend to learn faster and have more fun when they are rewarded with treats. Sometimes, dog owners tend to give human food to their dogs as a treat or at times feed them treats that they consider to be the best homemade dog treats. Such treats could be beneficial to your dogs, but at times, they may also pose a threat to their health, if you are not aware of their ingredients.


Therefore, before giving any treat to your dog, a pet owner must be aware if what is being given as a treat is going to benefit or harm your dog. Fresh foods such as carrots, apples, lean meat, poultry or sea food can be quite beneficial to your dog. On the other hand, treats that are laden with preservatives, chemicals or with too many calories, must be avoided.

Apart from this, one also needs to be careful about how many treats are given in a day and what kind of treat it is. Just like humans, dogs also prefer different foods. So, it’s just great when a treat matches their preference. To sum up, choose a high quality, healthy treat that offers nourishment as well as taste.


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