Dogs are playful creatures by nature. They love interacting and playing with their fellow dogs or with their human friends. But having more than one dog at a time or making a lot of time available to play with your furry friend isn’t always possible. How is a dog supposed to play around or enjoy himself, all alone?  And what about those chewing urges? How will those be satisfied? Well, the answer to all the above questions, is a dog toy. Because otherwise, it would all result in, your shoes or your couch being chewed away. There are different types of dog toys. They help manage behaviour problems arising due to boredom or loneliness and even in channelling that excessive energy your dog possesses, which otherwise may often seem like a problem. In fact, toys promote dental health and even help to alleviate the pain that puppies feel during teething, when their gums become sore.

Dog toys help solve all such issues and more. They help in stimulating your dogs and at the same time, may even provide physical activities, which are good for their overall health. The wide range of toys stacked on shelves or available online have given dog parents innumerable choices. Each toy can serve different purposes. They can be selected depending on age, size, behaviour and the level of physical activity needed for your dog.

There are balls of all shapes and sizes and remain an all-time favorite for most of your four-legged friends. Also, there are latex and rubber dog toys, dental bones, chew challenge toys, puzzle toys, ropes, frisbees, treat-filled toys etc. With time, as the dog parents have become more conscious and concerned about what they give their dogs, the demand for durable and high-quality toys has increased, focussing specifically on toys that don’t just offer the dogs something to play with, but also don’t affect their health adversely.