Health supplements have gained tremendous popularity over the past few years and this is accredited to the numerous animal-oriented researches. With the increasing number of dog owners and increasing corresponding awareness about dog health care, the demand for better supplements has escalated exponentially over the years. But the overload of information and a plethora of health supplements available in the market, have made it a task for the dog parents to choose the right one for their pets. To solve this problem, the first thing one should know is ‘what supplements are and how are they beneficial to their furry companion?’ In simple words, dog supplements are substances that one may add to the diets of their dogs to help improve their overall health or make-up for any nutritional requirements that could be missing in their regular diet. Just like people, all dogs are unique. Their breed, age, weight, size, and overall health are a few deciding factors in how we care for them and what supplements we should feed them. And if a dog has any special nutritional needs, the decision might feel even more difficult.

The most common dog supplements are multivitamins, antioxidants, omegas, supplements to reduce shedding, to support arthritic joints, to improve the coat’s shine, etc. Probiotic supplements are also given to dogs to improve their digestive functions and overall gut health. All of these supplements can support a dog’s health and even provide best dog dental care, depending on its condition and requirements.

At Bravo Paws, our health supplements are self-manufactured, with care and concern, ensuring that the products are of superior quality while the CurCos-Zn Technology, a curcuminoids (Turmeric extract) + Zinc super molecule present in them, helps in improving immunity, reducing oxidative stress and inflammation, leading to improvement in the overall health of your furry companion.