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Smart & Snazzy


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Start smart with our smart ‘n’ snazzy subscription box. Go beyond and get the most for your furry companion. You get three treats—fit treats, immunity treats and krill sticks that help in maintaining normal weight and fitness, support immunity and dental health of dogs respectively.


The krill sticks support healthy teeth & gums and also help support a healthy immune system. The fit treats are a healthier alternative to treating your pet since these are high-protein, low-fat treats to help maintain normal weight and can be used as a tasty, healthy reward for your dog. The Immunity treats are made with Turmeric, Zinc, Vitamins C & D3 to support normal immunity to help your dog maintain an active lifestyle and remain protected. The three meat items are 100% natural, do not contain any artificial additives and are produced from fresh raw materials solely through drying, which preserves the good qualities in the product such as proteins, vitamins, and minerals. The health supplements help maintain healthy skin and coat, mobility and manage environmental stress. The Probiotic supplements and immunity powder support healthy digestion, immunity and overall wellbeing of your dog while the toys keep them engaged and happy. Grab this box at 59.99 USD. Pay for twelve months in advance for this subscription box and get your Dog Portrait (4X6Inch) plus a T-shirt with your Dog’s Photo, and 20 USD off on renewal.


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