Ruffian Bottle Birds-Crane


This bottle bird will be a chase master for your furry friend. This soft-textured toy comes with crinkle, a rope, and first of its kind removable and interchangeable bottle squeaker inside.



The squeaker is present in the cap, so if you don’t want the squeaking, remove the cap or vice versa. Besides all, this Bottle Bird comes equipped with a STEEL SHIELD. The shield provides an extremely durable lining so your dog has to work to sink their teeth into this one.



  • Soft textured toy
  • Consists of a Chew-O-Meter rating, ranging from gentle to tough
  • Durable with Steel Shield
  • Suitable for pets

1 review for Ruffian Bottle Birds-Crane

  1. admin

    Soft and durable plush toy which I have always wanted for my dog to keep him playful at all times, without getting restless. The fabric is really good, bravo delivered in on time without any hassle. A nice durable product worth buying.

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