Flat Cat Black w/ Rope


Product Description:

Your dog will love this purrty feline. This soft plush toy has all the features PLUS fine embroidered paws for extra detail. For more fun, inside each cat, you’ll find a rope, crinkle and two squeakers. Your dog will be asking for meow-r playtime! Each plush includes a Chew-O-Meter rating that helps you choose which toy works best for your pet.





Flat Cat features:

  • Durable & Tough—will keep your dog entertained for hours!
  • A Surprise Inside Every Time—inside every toy is another toy!
  • All In the Details—Fine, embroidered face and paws!
  • Chew-O-Meter Rating—each toy is rated on a gentle to tough scale so you know how long it will last for your dog!



1 review for Flat Cat Black w/ Rope

  1. admin

    Glad to purchase this Baby Gator Soft Toy from Bravo paws. My dog likes to rip out the stuffing and get to the squeaker, which is a nice surprise because the squeaker is another toy. Now what, he is all day busy with his new companion.

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