Bumpies Bison with Tennis Ball & Rope


Being a dog as an important member of the family, a plush toy like this is a must-have when your dog is well behaved.



This adorable one will certainly be there for your dog’s leisure time. This little guy may be slick, but he won’t be hiding for long. With a tennis ball head, a rope body, crinkled paws, and a squeaker to boot, this multifaceted toy will be out and will be available all day with your dog. Each plush includes a Chew-O-Meter rating, ranging from gentle to tough, so you know just how well it will stand up to your dog. So, why to wait, this soft toy will prove to be a favorite companion during your absence.


  • Plush soft toy for dogs
  • Comes in brown color
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Consists of Chew-O-Meter Rating rated on a gentle to tough scale

1 review for Bumpies Bison with Tennis Ball & Rope

  1. admin

    Soft and durable plush toy which I have always wanted for my dog to keep him playful at all times, without getting restless. The fabric is really good, bravo delivered in on time without any hassle. A nice durable product worth buying.

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